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5 Tips to stay healthy by avoiding cold and flu,


5 Tips to stay healthy by avoiding cold and flu, So first of all hello everyone and welcome to the Daily Health blog friends in this article we will discuss all about the best tips to stay healthy by avoiding cold and flu,

5 Tips to stay healthy by avoiding cold and flu,
5 Tips to stay healthy by avoiding cold and flu,
  • As you know day by day the pollution is to much increasing on the earth comparing with past,
  • { Some peoples becomes unhealthy due to this pollution and they may get caused by the disease such as cold and flu.}

So today in this article is specially written for those people’s who Bear this problem of cold and flu,

Now the next point overcomes here with topic below,

Why cold and flu causes ?

  • Infection disease – Cold and flu are the infection disease So this can be cause by the contact withe the person who is integrated with these diseases
  • Germ’s – And the another cause of this disease is it can be also cause by the small germ’s present on our body parts such as hand,
  • Water And Atmospheric changes – And the another cause of this disease is may be get cause due to the atmospheric changes around us, population around us, sometimes these disease get causes by the atmospheric changes and also water changes means which we drink,

The word water changes mentioned above usually happens with us most,

How to avoid cold and flu ?

1) Drink A Glass Of Hot Water – Remember that if you really wants to avoid these diseases then apply this method because this is the very important method of this disease drink a glass of hot water daily in the morning this method will give you a good results to you,

Create daily routine plan according to you of hot water glass believe me guise this method will give you some other extra benefits also such as wait loss in our previous article we have detailed more click here to read that article,

2) Exercise & Yoga  – Now the second thing which matters is common but important most of the peoples use this method today for their health,

Exercising in the morning or Yoga this method is one of the which is getting used from the past of humans,

And now also there are the many ways to do this method you can find in the market such Trainers and Training Center also, you can do it home yourself without paying any cost,

3) Wash Your Hands Properly – Third tip to avoid this disease is to much common but most of the people does this mistake of hand Wash this is the common matter but important to wash hands properly to avoid these diseases,

In market there many products but you select according to your health the mostly used product is Detol HandWash , etc

You don’t do this mistake of hand wash your hand properly before taking food or before other activities which have internal contact with our body,

4) infection disease –

  • { now the fourth tip is don’ Use the thing’s which
  • are by the other person or
  • who is integrated with these diseases .} 
  • for e.g. =   { Tooth brush, Towel, Soap, etc. }

5) Keep Your Surroundings Clean –

Last but important tip to avoid these disease is keep your surroundings clean mean near by area for e.g. Home, Room, Garden, etc

Keep clean and stay healthy by using these tips avoid the cold and flu,

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