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5 Best Exercises for Weight Loss


5 Best Exercises for Weight Loss, Exercise is a wait loss booster plan for you all because exercise helps in burning of calories and well as it is the best for workout most of the peoples select exercise and running as workout method!

5 Best Exercises for Weight Loss
5 Best Exercises for Weight Loss

it is really effective for those peoples who really wants to lose their wait and fatty body.

So friends today in this article we will discus 5 Best Exercises for Weight Loss and before we start welcome to Healthy Life Tips Blog Here you will get daily healthy life tips Updates

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  • Exercises are very important in our life for those peoples who have extra fatty in body such as glutes, thighs, belly etc.
  • Playing sports or lifting weight is equivalently beneficial in dropping some extra wait from the body,

Start your exercise plan today according to your body type and shape up your self

5 Best Exercises for Weight Loss,

1.Planks: Start your exercise daily routine according to you and start exercising today start with warm up and warm your body by slow running or walking and after that start this exercising plan of Planks is one of the best exercise for building abs and building core strength. stay up on your hands forward and stay t that position as shown in image shown above,

2.Squats: Squats is the best exercise for the leg exercises and it helps to reduce fat from leg portion. under Toned legs get many eyeballs rolling down and squats is a super exercise to work.

You need to do it 50 times at least in a day touch your back head portion behind ears. by your both, and bend your legs from knees as shown in the image and up your body and go down again and again. do it for 50 times in a day definitely you will get a benefits of this.

3.Push ups: Push ups is the best exercise/workout for wait lose because it exerts more sweat from the body means it is burning of calories.

And also it have some extra benefits of push ups is push ups works better best for wait lose as well as it also works for increasing stamina. so this also will give you the best results and peoples mostly does this for body building,

4.Russian Twist: Russian twist is the best exercise for those who wants to lose fat from belly fat or those peoples who have fatty belly then this will be very helpful,

You need to do is sit back at rest on your hips and keep up your legs slowly as shown in image above. and keep a air boll in your hands and turn with this ball as shown in image.

It is a great aerobic exercise for legs because it helps to creates your legs strong it is one of the fast exercise and very good for those who wants to increase their stamina as well as who wants to lose wait,

You need to do for it is stand up normally and warm up your body fist and then stand up and next sit down and fly over your legs backward  and stay on your hands as shown in the images and then get back in sit position and next stand up by first step and do it fast and again again for more practice and this will be beneficial for you.

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